Demo Gfx Video Year For Author City Party DC Ext Type
BBC 2 Animation Michael Seller ???2 demo
Bad Apple 22017 Factor6 / Noby Czech Republic1st on Forever ' 201747 demo
Big Things2017 [?] Poland2nd on Forever ' 201713 demo
Bandito ??? ??? ???10 demo
BMX Ninja Crack Intro AreaSoft Novosibirsk14 cracktro
Bard Tales Service Crack Intro1998 Childrens Infatuated Computers Chaykovsky21 cracktro
Bump Set Spike Crack Intro Fatality Minsk11 cracktro
Batty Crack Intro Maks Corp. Ryazan10 cracktro
Battle Of Planet Crack Intro1997 Real Software Brest5 cracktro
Babbona Santa Claus Crack Intro1997 RoverSoft Chelyabinsk10 cracktro
Battle City 3 Crack Intro1996 Seamans Beer Users Hackers Group [?] Moscow10 cracktro
Brain Sport Crack Intro1996 Army Group Novosibirsk11 cracktro
Butcher Hll Crack Intro1997 ZX Best Hackers Group Kamensk-Uralsky7 cracktro
Blade Warrior Crack Intro1997 Shock Brigade Kaliningrad9 cracktro
Benny Hill Crack Intro 1997 Kidson Software Novosibirsk11 cracktro
Blood Brothers Crack Intro1997 Power Of Sound Izhevsk9 cracktro
Battle Field Crack Intro1995 Reflection Group [?] Kharkov11 cracktro
Buffalo Bill Crack Intro1997 Phantom Family Cheboksary9 cracktro
Bubble Bobble 2 Crack Intro1996 Phantasy Europe14 cracktro
Blinky Crack Intro1997 Efremov Andrey / MegaSoft Omsk10 cracktro
Bombed Crack Intro1996 Shock Brigade Kaliningrad15 cracktro
Bear Bovver Crack Intro1996 Lone Wolf Shadrinsk13 cracktro
Bobo 128 Crack Intro1996 Accept Corp [?] Armavir9 cracktro
Blood Wych Crack Intro1996 Mafia Private Corporation [?] Kharkov10 cracktro
Boulder Dash Collection Crack Intro1995 Omega Hackers Club Chelyabinsk10 cracktro
Bubble Bobble Crack Intro1998 Dawidow Sarapul17 cracktro
Bruce Lee Crack Intro1997 Die Krupps Group Novocherkassk15 cracktro
Blood Valley Crack Intro1996 Code Reingers Group Kharkov11 cracktro
Biff Crack Intro1996 Seamans Beer Users Hackers Group [?] Moscow21 cracktro
BO0T Wse boot 1996 S.System / Enigma Group Kharkov23 demo
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